The partnership try more significant for the participants which don’t take antihypertensive cures than in people who took antihypertensive treatment

The partnership try more significant for the participants which don’t take antihypertensive cures than in people who took antihypertensive treatment

Table step 1 reveals the essential difference between members exactly who undergone health examinations in 2017 and 2018 and those who undergone a medical checkup simply in the 2017. Members whom failed to go through the fresh new 2018 health checkup was indeed significantly more youthful, made-up a whole lot more people, ate quicker liquor, had a lesser urinary Na/K proportion, got straight down BP, and made up less users regarding antihypertensive cures compared to those which undergone the health checkup both in 2017 and you may 2018.

Within this research, i observed an optimistic matchmaking amongst the urinary Na/K ratio and you can blood circulation pressure

Table 2 shows the characteristics of the participants who underwent health checkups both in 2017 and 2018. Supplementary Table 1 shows the characteristics of participants who underwent health checkups both in 2017 and 2018 according to urinary Na/K ratio. Both in 2017 and in 2018, a high urinary Na/K ratio was associated with older age, higher BMI, and higher SBP. Between the 2017 data and 2018 data, the average BMI and the distribution of alcohol consumption habits were unchanged. The average urinary Na/K ratio in 2018 was significantly lower than that in 2017 (5.4 ± 3.0 to 4.9 ± 2.2, P < 0.01). The average SBP level in 2018 was lower than that in 2017 (132.1 ± 17.9 to 130.9 ± 17.4 mmHg), but the average DBP value increased. The proportion of participants with a urinary Na/K ratio ? 8.0 was 14% (1,,877) in 2017 and 9% (1,,877) in 2018. The average temperature during the health checkup period was 20.2 °C and 20.6 °C in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

Dining table step 3 suggests the connection anywhere between urinary Na/K ratio, Bmi, alcohol based drinks habit, access to diabetic issues cures, and you can answer to heart problems and you will hypertension. Second Dining table dos suggests this new dating from urinary Na/K proportion, Bmi, alcoholic beverages routine, accessibility diabetic issues therapy and you will treatment for heart disease that have blood pressure levels inside the professionals exactly who did not capture antihypertensive cures. In both 2017 and you may 2018, the new urinary Na/K ratio was continuously and you can linearly for the blood pressure levels independent away from age, intercourse, alcoholic beverages practice, Body mass index, accessibility diabetes procedures, and you may answer to heart problems.

Additionally, as the participants that have the fresh new diabetes mellitus and heart disease have changed the lifestyles, we then analyzed the relationship anywhere between urinary Na/K proportion and you may blood pressure level, leaving out individuals with the brand new beginning diabetic issues mellitus or heart problems. Consequently, the show fundamentally stayed intact (analysis maybe not found).

Dining table 4 suggests the relationship between the change in SBP between 2017 and 2018 together with urinary Na/K ratio transform, Bmi changes, and alter when you look at the alcoholic beverages frequency modified to own decades and sex. Second Desk step three reveals the partnership within improvement in SBP anywhere between 2017 and you can 2018 and the urinary Na/K proportion change, Bmi change, and alter for the alcohol based drinks regularity modified for decades and gender within the people just who don’t get antihypertensive procedures. The change in the SBP is going to be told me of the old ages, girls gender, boost in alcohol based drinks, upsurge in Body mass index, and you will a rise in urinary Na/K proportion. This new seeking was fundamentally undamaged anywhere between users exactly who performed or performed maybe not have fun with antihypertensive therapy. While doing so, brand new seeking try unchanged when we then adjusted to possess SBP from inside the 2017 (data not shown). The new looking for is actually consistent whenever we analyzed DBP.

Desk 5 reveals the real difference in the BP between the 2017 investigation and 2018 research with respect to the urinary Na/K ratio quartile inside 2017. SBP refuse are high inside the players on higher urinary Na/K ratio quartile. New seeking is fundamentally intact as soon as we excluded the application of antihypertensive treatment.


More over, the alteration in urinary Na/K ratio was with the change in SBP and you will DBPpared so you’re able to 2017, one another SBP as well as the urinary Na/K proportion . That is a-one-sleeve study, we can not confirm people causal relationship. However, the latest discovering that the latest urinary Na/K ratio refused immediately following telling the participants of one’s own urinary Na/K proportion recommended one to computing this new urinary Na/K ratio and getting feedback in order to users could potentially prompt practices particularly sodium consumption cures and you may improved veggie intake. Therefore, so it behavioural change might lessen the mediocre BP when you look at the a residential area.

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